Redfall Trailers: Watch Every Trailer Here

Redfall is set to launch early next month.
Redfall is set to launch early next month. / Arkane Austin

Arkane Austin's new vampire shooter Redfall is coming out soon, and to celebrate the developers have been steadily releasing new trailers for the game - Arkane's marketing continues to be as slick as ever. Here's how you can get caught up on all the trailers for Redfall, including reveal, gameplay, story and character trailers.

Redfall is an open-world first-person shooter that follows a group of four survivors attempting to cleanse their small Massachusetts town of vampiric influence. They will have to contend with corrupted cultists and horrific creatures as they unravel the mysteries surrounding the invasion and its origins.

Redfall Reveal Trailer

Redfall was first revealed at E3 2021, showing off its premise, main cast and the vampiric enemies they would face against.

Redfall Gameplay Trailers

About a year after the game was first announced, gameplay for Redfall was revealed at an Xbox / Bethesda Showcase in the Summer of 2022, showing off how the game would play. This January, Arkane followed up with an extended gameplay deep-dive that explained some more details about the game's core gameplay loop and objectives.

Redfall Story Trailers

Arkane has released several trailers explaining the game's story and introducing the setting of Redfall.

Redfall Character Trailers

Most recently, Arkane has released a series of animated trailers that showcase the backstories and abilities of its four heroes: Layla, Devinder, Jacob and Remi.

Other Redfall Trailers

Arkane has released an assortment of other trailers that show off more gameplay and bits of Redfall's world, including a developer Q&A that goes deeper into the game's aesthetic and gameplay philosophy.

Hopefully these trailers will help you get caught up on Redfall's story and gameplay in preparation for its release on May 2.