Regigigas Pokemon Go Raid Boss Stats

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Regigigas Pokemon Go raid boss stats have been a question by players who have gone against this legendary behemoth in raid battles. Regiggas is leader of the legendary Pokemon Regirock, Regice, and Registeel.

According to Regigigas's Pokedex entry, "It is believed to have shaped REGIROCK, REGICE, and REGISTEEL out of clay, ice, and magma." Below is everything you need to know about Regigigas's stats.

Regigigas Pokemon Go Raid Boss Stats

Regigigas is a normal type Pokemon who has an excellent balance of stats making it a very well-rounded Pokemon. When combating this Pokemon in a raid I would recommend using a fighting type Pokemon to combat it's normal typing.

Regigigas' lowest stat is its defense, so it is important you use a Pokemon with high attack stats in order to put yourself in the best situation to defeat it. I don't find normal typing to be the best, aside from its immunity to ghost type Pokemon. However, I do believe the power of Regigigas makes up for it with its raw power.

  • Max CP 3991
  • Attack 287
  • Defense 210
  • Stamina 221

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