Reinhardt Buffs, Baptiste Nerfs Arrive in Overwatch Patch

D.Va got a slight buff Thursday.
D.Va got a slight buff Thursday. / Photo by Blizzard

Reinhardt buffs, Baptiste nerfs and D.Va changes arrived in Thursday's update to Overwatch live servers.

Reinhardt had his base armor increased from 200 to 250, while his Rocket Hammer's damage went from 75 to 85. These changes aim to allow Reinhardt a more forceful presence once he's managed to get in close with enemies. The damage boost in particular is notable, as it allows him to eliminate some heroes in one fewer swing than before.

Baptiste's Immortality Field health dropped from 200 to 150, and his Amplification Matrix cost jumped up by 15%. These changes are intended to compensate for the enduring effectiveness of both Biotic Launcher and Amplification Matrix.

Finally, D.Va's armor and health distribution has been changed slightly. Her mech will now enjoy 300 armor and 300 health, rather than 200 armor and 400 health. Blizzard hopes this change will allow her to endure more damage from shotguns, beams, and other weapons with high rates of fire.