Reinhardt Dodges Enemy Earthshatter Before Returning a Better One

Reinhardt dodges enemy Earthshatter and returns the favor!
Reinhardt dodges enemy Earthshatter and returns the favor! / Photo courtesy of Blizzard

Sometimes, patience is key.

A Reinhardt player was dealing with an uneven situation as his team was down one DPS player. Looking for the perfect setup, Reinhardt fought for about 30 seconds around the first point on Numbani before he saw his opportunity.

Knowing full well the enemy Reinhardt would go for the shatter if he back off, he baited the ultimate, and popped out for his own Earthshatter.

Redditor jdorito10122k3 posted the clip of the amazing Reinhardt play. If you want to make your Reinhardt shatter work, you need the enemy Reinhardt shield to be broken, or to catch them unprepared. With a DPS player down, the team was not going to win the barrier battle, so Reinhardt stepped out of the way, timed his charge perfectly on the unsuspecting enemy Rein, and returned the favor.

With no Reinhardt up to block it, his shatter landed on every enemy player and he eventually earned the 5K. Overwatch will always be able teamwork, and plays like this doesn't work if his teammates didn't keep him alive the entire skirmish. There were multiple times where the Reinhardt overextended, but his allies kept him alive.

Work together and you can take any point, even with a teammate down.