Reinhardt Player Puts Their Body on the Line to Protect the Team

A video has surfaced showing a Reinhardt player performing the most wholly in-character action during a match that we've ever seen.

The Reddit video, published Monday, shows a team in dire straits, pitting Reinhardt against Reinhardt for the ultimate show of Overwatch honor.

Take a look.

It starts with the enemy Rein stunning supports Symmetra and Ana while getting into position to perform a charge that would have taken them out. The hero Rein sees them go down and, in an act of sheer wholesome bravery, he throws himself in the line of the enemy's attack—essentially giving his life to protect his beloved Ana.

This stuns both Reins and they fall back from each other, allowing the Symmetra to take out the enemy Rein with a bit of help from Zenyatta.

The situation has been met with nothing but praise from viewers⁠—some even going so far as to dub the player "Wholehardt" and "Sweethardt." Others remarked that this scene is just like the hero's origin trailer "Honor and Glory" and that he "sacrificed himself for the greater good."

Truthfully, the whole situation can be summed up with one comment: "because that's just what heroes do."

Photo courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment