Reinhardt Pulls Off Team Wipe Charge

Reinhardt kills an entire team in this clip
Reinhardt kills an entire team in this clip /

Reinhardt's Charge ability can devastate an enemy team, but often that devastation comes in the form of a single instant kill. As problematic as that death can be, it usually leaves an open window for the five remaining players to win the fight.

In this clip posted to the Overwatch subreddit Monday, u/TwistedFateLCS pulls off a Charge no team could ever recover from.

In a match on Lijiang Tower's Garden stage, TwistedFateLCS found themself coming up against the entirety of the enemy team on their side of the objective. The enemy team retreated slightly before their swinging hammer, rounding the corner to put the pit of instant death to their backs.

Seeing the entire team thusly aligned, TwistedFateLCS lets rip the Charge. They immediately pin one of the enemies before sending the rest flying into the air. All six tumble off the side of the map into the abyss, giving TwistedFateLCS an instant wipe.

Photo courtesy of Blizzard