Remnant 2 Tommy Gun: How to Get

Check out how to get the Remnant 2 Tommy Gun.
Check out how to get the Remnant 2 Tommy Gun. / Gunfire Games

As players look for the best weapons and gear to defeat powerful bosses in Remnant 2, they will want to get the Tommy Gun, also known as the Chicago Typewriter in Remnant 2.

The Chicago Typewriter contains all the best qualities of a traditional Tommy Gun. The weapon has a magazine size of 80, giving players plenty of ammo to spam at potential enemies. All players need to do is hold down the trigger to inflict damage without having to worry about executing high accuracy shots.

Finding the Chicago Typewriter can be a bit tricky, though, so here's a full walkthrough of how to get your hands on Remnant 2's Tommy Gun.

Remnant 2 Tommy Gun: How to Get

The Remnant 2 Tommy Gun resides in a chest in the Labyrinth world behind a locked door that can only be opened with the Biome Portal Key. Defeat the Labyrinth Sentinel boss to receive the key as a reward from the Keeper.

Fast travel to the Entangled Gauntlet and go up the stairs on your right. Continue along the path until you see a portal in front of you. Walk to the side of the portal and look down over the ledge to find another portal. Jump down into the portal below the platform.

There will then be another portal you must enter, but first you will have to defeat some enemies blocking your path. After traveling through the final portal, stay to the left and walk through the open doorway. Climb the rocks on the left-hand wall on either side of the broken wall until you reach the opening at the top. Crouch through the gap.

You will see a large door that you must open with the Biome Portal Key. Then, enter the room to find Leto's journal, armor, and the Chicago Typewriter.