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Report Accuses Microsoft Executives of Sexual Harassment, Verbal Abuse

Alex Kipman, Microsoft's point man for metaverse plans.
Alex Kipman, Microsoft's point man for metaverse plans. / Justin Sullivan/GettyImages

Several current and former Microsoft executives have been accused of treating staff poorly during their time at the company in a report published Wednesday by Insider.

Alex Kipman, Terry Myerson and Tom Keane all fostered a work toxic work environment, per Insider. Kipman, who is currently the head of Microsoft's metaverse efforts, is said to have watched a video one employee described as "VR porn" via VR headset that was then projected to an external screen in a room full of coworkers.

"In the video that filled the screen, several young women in skimpy clothing frolicked on a bed; an overtly sexualized pillow fight ensued," Insider wrote.

Some employees left the room, and all were baffled. Several women who were in the room said they felt "very uncomfortable."

Kipman is also said to have diminished women's contributions, and to have continually rubbed a female employee's shoulders after she tried to shrug him off.

Terry Myerson formerly oversaw Windows, and is alleged to have had a "meltdown" during a Microsoft event leading him to verbally berate "everyone." The incident reportedly led to his departure from the company in 2018.

Tom Keane currently serves as the corporate vice president of Azure, Microsoft's cloud-computing business. He's been accused of making employees cry in public and running his department like a dictator, earning the nickname "King Tom." He was reassigned to his current role in January.

Microsoft has yet to comment on the report. Kipman and Keane did not respond to a request for comment from Insider. A representative for Myerson declined to confirm or deny the allegations against him, and that he claims not to remember berating employees.

"With 17K+ employees, of course there will be a few disgruntled in the mix," the representative said.