Report Details TSM and Blitz CEO's 'Culture of Fear,' Companies' Misclassifying of Employees

Andy "Reginald" Dinh remains under investigation by both Riot Games and TSM for allegations of bullying and verbal abuse publicized in 2021.
Andy "Reginald" Dinh remains under investigation by both Riot Games and TSM for allegations of bullying and verbal abuse publicized in 2021. / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

TSM and Blitz CEO Andy "Reginald" Dinh has been accused of fostering a "culture of fear," according to a report by The Washington Post.

The report is the latest development concerning the 30-year-old founder following Riot Games and TSM launching separate investigations into allegations of bullying and verbal abuse made against Dinh late last year, as first reported by Wired.

Citing interviews with over a dozen current and former employees of TSM and Blitz, most of whom are quoted anonymously in fear of retaliation, The Washington Post report seemingly presents an inside look at Dinh's apparent erratic workplace behavior.

Multiple alleged instances of executive misconduct are detailed, including Dinh ostensibly firing a newly appointed human resources executive weeks after their hiring because they "asked a question that Andy didn’t like," as well as Dinh having angry outbursts against high-ranking staff in company meetings that often led to them being terminated or departing shortly after.

"Members of teams ranging from sales to programming to content said they witnessed other workers get called out by Dinh in calls or intra-office chat rooms and publicly shamed," The Washington Post report reads. "Some said they experienced that treatment firsthand."

Additionally, the report highlights multiple workers from both TSM and Blitz who believe they were misclassified as contractors rather than employees in the "start-up-like" environment.

On several occasions, TSM and Blitz, both based out of a 25,000-square-foot facility in Los Angeles, have seemingly been dishonest about employees' contracts in order to get favorable tax treatments, committing alleged violations of California labor laws according to legal experts consulted by The Washington Post.

Since the publication of the report, several more former TSM employees have been vocal about their experiences with the company on social media.

Former TSM League of Legends head coach KC "Woodbuck" Woods took to Reddit to describe the apparent pressures they faced while being considered an independent contractor.

On Twitter, @Cryssylol shared a similar sentiment while reflecting on their time as a producer for TSM.

On the TSM Subreddit, Dinh replied to a thread sharing the report, giving their explanation on the swift firing of the HR executive, as well as adding that they will do a "complete ama once our investigation is done."