Resident Evil 3 Charlie Dolls: Where to Find Every Collectible

Jill searching for dolls in the sewer. (That sentence was way creepier to type than I thought it would be...)
Jill searching for dolls in the sewer. (That sentence was way creepier to type than I thought it would be...) / Capcom

Resident Evil 3 Charlie Dolls are a fun scavenger hunt challenge for those looking to do a bit of extra work in the game.

There are 20 dolls hidden throughout the entire game which can be found and destroyed for bragging rights, a trophy, achievement points, and the sheer satisfaction of sticking it to Toy Uncle’s founder.

Here's a list of all the locations of Charlie Dolls in Capcom's Resident Evil 3 remake.

Resident Evil 3 Charlie Dolls Locations Full List

  1. Redstone Subway Station, between the blue and red newspaper dispensers.
  2. First visit Downtown Raccoon City, Drugstore Owner’s safe room along the east wall high up on the shelves.
  3. Downtown Raccoon City, Donut Shop, right corner next to the microwave.
  4. Subway Office Control Room, left side of the control panel on the floor.
  5. Subway Power Substation Control Room, north end on the left atop some shelves next to a cardboard box.
  6. Downtown Raccoon City after picking up the lock pick, head to Toy Uncle's shop and check the display behind the huge Mega Man statue.
  7. Sewers Lower Walkway, on your way to the Lab, at the end of the tunnel behind the gate.
  8. Sewers after retrieving the Battery Pack, about halfway up the staircase toward the exit, look behind you just above the door threshold.
  9. Downtown after your fight at the Demolition Site, inside the house just past the Gun Shop Kendo.
  10. Just before you go into the Police Station head to the courtyard down the stairs and to the east. Check the lower wall on the left.
  11. Inside the Safety Deposit Room along the back wall on the shelf.
  12. In the Subway Tunnels after the Police Station exploration, almost immediately after you find the Dilapidated Shelter, look around the right side of the hallway.
  13. Clock Tower Plaza all the way west behind a green truck.
  14. First floor of the hospital on a gurney just before the Reception office.
  15. Hospital second floor to the right on the roof.
  16. Inside a trash bin in the southwest corner of the Sickroom, just off the Nurses' Station.
  17. Second visit to the first floor of the hospital, now as Jill, in the room just before Underground Storage. You'll want to check the forklift.
  18. Once inside the Underground Storage, make your way between some shelves to find this doll along the right side of the aisle.
  19. Nest 2 Facility on the second floor you'll find one after picking up the Override Key. Head into the unnamed room, go north onto the balcony, and look to your left.
  20. Also on the second floor of the Nest 2 Facility, in the room at the back of Lab 1.