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Resident Evil 4 Remake Collector's Edition: How to Pre-Order, Price, Contents


Resident Evil 4 Remake Collector's Edition was announced during Capcom's most recent Resident Evil Showcase.

RE4 Remake is the latest in the franchise to receive updates and improvements following the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes. Capcom displayed in-game footage of the opening including Leon S. Kennedy in full action. As well, a longer trailer was shown featuring essential characters such as Ada Wong and Ashley Graham.

Capcom also revealed a Collector's Edition with extra downloadable content and pre-order bonuses. Plus, collectibles to add for big fans of the franchise.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Collector's Edition Bonuses

Here's a full list of the DLC players will get with the Collector's Edition:

  • Leon and Ashley 'Casual' Costumes
  • Leon and Ashley 'Romantic' Costumes
  • Leon 'Hero' Costume and Filter
  • Leon 'Villain' Costume and Filter
  • Treasure Map: Expansion
  • 'Sentinel Nine' Deluxe Weapon
  • 'Skull Shaker' Deluxe Weapon
  • 'Original Ver.' Soundtrack Swap
  • 'Sunglasses (Sporty)' Accessory

Here's what players get for pre-ordering the version as well:

  • Attache Cases: 'Gold' / 'Classic'
  • Weapon Charms: 'Handgun Ammo' / 'Green Herb'

Players will receive these physical bonuses with the Collector's Edition:

  • Game and Steelbook Case
  • DLC Pack Code
  • Leon S. Kennedy Figure
  • Artbook
  • Special Poster
  • Collector's Box

More information on the Collector's Edition, plus the Standard and Deluxe Editions, can be found on Capcom's website.

Resident Evil 4 Collector's Edition Pre-Order

Fans can pre-order the edition, but as of writing, certain retailers are sold out of the version.

The Collector's Edition on PS4, PS5 and Xbox Series X are all sold out on GameStop's website. The Collector's Edition is priced at $249.99.

Be sure to check with your preferred retailer leading up to release on March 24, 2023 to see if the edition is restocked.