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Resident Evil 4 Remake is Coming to PlayStation 4

Leon S. Kennedy in the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake.
Leon S. Kennedy in the upcoming Resident Evil 4 remake. / Courtesy of Capcom

Capcom has confirmed that the Resident Evil 4 remake will be coming to the PS4.

Bucking the trend for a lot of upcoming releases, the highly anticipated Resident Evil 4 remake will be available on one last gen console — the PlayStation 4. As a remake of the 2005 release of Resident Evil 4, Capcom have "reimagined" the iconic entry and updated it for modern consoles. Scheduled to release March 24, 2023, Resident Evil 4 remake will feature "a reimagined storyline, and vividly detailed graphics."

The announcement came during Capcom's Tokyo Games Show livestream, where the studio revealed that they were working on the last gen version.

Previously it was thought that the upcoming game would be launching only on current gen systems — PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, along with PC. Interestingly, Resident Evil 4 does not appear to be heading to the Xbox One, making the PS4 the only last gen system to receive the game.

It's currently unclear why Resident Evil 4 will only see its last gen home on the PS4 and not the Xbox One.

The game follows the story of Resident Evil 2's Leon S. Kennedy, having now been recruited as an agent reporting directly to the president of the United States. Leon is sent to mysterious European village in order to rescue the president's kidnapped daughter.

Resident Evil 4 remake it set to release on March 24, 2023, on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam.