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Resident Evil 6 Switch Release Date Information: When Will Resident Evil 6 Come to Nintendo Switch?

Resident Evil 6 Switch release date was announced Tuesday at the Nintendo Direct E3 presentation. Sort of.

The game will release with Resident Evil 5 and help round out the selection of Resident Evil games available on the console. But when will it actually come out? Here's everything we know.

Resident Evil 6 Switch Release Date Information

According to the Nintendo Europe Twitter account, the game should be dropping some time in autumn.

An exact date was not revealed, but it is expected to be released in the fall. When a specific date is announced, we'll let you know.

Resident Evil 6 doesn't have the strongest reputation in the series, but all of the Resident Evil ports on the Switch thus far have been high quality experiences. No doubt, if you enjoyed the original release, you'll have a blast with this port as well. Otherwise, if you're looking to experience a smooth, action-horror experience, give it a go!

Cover Image Courtesy of Capcom