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Resident Evil Village Baby Monster: How to Escape the Giant Baby Fetus

Resident Evil Village's Baby Monster will go down as one of the most iconic villains in the game.

Capcom has just blessed survival horror fans and fans of the Resident Evil series with a new installment: Resident Evil Village.

Players are no stranger to the scares that the Resident Evil series has to offer, and Village is no different. The dashes of cosmic horror present in Resident Evil 7 seem to have returned in the form of the giant baby fetus Ethan Winters faces in Village.

Resident Evil Village Baby Monster: How to Escape the Giant Baby Fetus

During a sequence in Resident Evil Village, a seemingly indestructible and grotesque monster-sized fetus chases Winters throughout the decrepit house. Crawling under beds, ducking under floorboards, anything to get away from this infant nightmare.

Eventually, once you chase out the giant fetus enough, you will be faced with an old-school-styled elevator. A sigh of relief is surely present in many players once they realize the fetus cannot follow Ethan down the elevator shaft, escaping the horrors of the baby fetus.

Baby Symbolism Foreshadowed in Trailers

Hard to imagine many players predicted to be chased by a fetus, but those who have enjoyed Village so far were quick to point out the baby imagery present in many of the trailers.

There's certainly something more to the vampire lady bayou Winters visits, and you can see for yourself - Resident Evil Village is now available for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia.