Resident Evil Village: Everything You Need to Know

Resident Evil Village: Everything You NEED to Know

Resident Evil Village is a game that had every horror fans waiting. With a tone of unique features, there is a lot to learn before you play. Here's everything you need to know to get up to speed and right into your game. Are you thinking about picking up Resident Evil Village? Don't forget to stay VERY very still to stay invisible to the naked eye.

0:03 The Story 1
0:22 Spoiler Alert!
0:53 The Story 2
1:31 The Merchant Returns!
2:09 Location
2:44 New Threat
3:29 RE:Verse Multiplayer

Resident Evil Village was released in early May and will surely be one of the most popular games of the summer. Don't miss any of the action, and find out all you need to know before logging on!