Resident Evil Village Lockpicks: Your First Lockpick and How They Work

Resident Evil Village's lockpicks return in the newest installment and they're just as iconic as always. Especially as you delve into the harder difficulties, scarcity of items is another iconic trait of Resident Evil, with Village being no different.

Lockpicks remain a mainstay being an invaluable item if the player wants to seek out rarer treasures and stronger weapons. There are a fixed amount of lockpicks in Resident Evil Village, and being a one-time use uncraftable item, lockpicks is something the player must be wise using!

Resident Evil Village Lockpicks: Your First Lockpick and How They Work

Lockpicks can be found all across the setting of Resident Evil Village, but the first lockpick presented to the player is a freebie.

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The very first lockpick found on Ethan's journey is found in Castle Dimitrescu, located in a hallway that connects the Kitchen and Dining Room. The lockpick is placed on a table right next to a lantern, the first lockpick given to the player as a way to introduce the mechanic of lockpicking.

Further down that hallway is a lock that can be used with the newly obtained tool, but keep in mind the item cannot be used more than once. You'll have to find yourself a new lockpick for the next easy-to-pick lock you find. The first lock you can crack open gives the player a wooden angel statue, one of the trinkets you can to The Duke for some Lei, the game's currency.

Player choice through the form of the lockpick mechanic creates some interesting gameplay, allowing the player to hold on to a few lockpicks for later down the line for higher quality loot, but in turn sacrificing whatever early treasures they could have snagged.

Whatever you do with your lockpicks, you can pick up Resident Evil Village now, available on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Google Stadia.