Resident Evil Village Mia Doll Puzzle Explained

Resident Evil Village Mia Doll puzzle explained.
Resident Evil Village Mia Doll puzzle explained. / Photo courtesy of Capcom

The Resident Evil Village Mia Doll puzzle is an impressively elaborate puzzle, requiring plenty of snooping and keen-eyed observation. Here's how to complete it.

Resident Evil Village Mia Doll Puzzle Explained

To start the Mia doll puzzle, you'll need to have reached House Beneviento, which in turn requires having retrieved the Four-Winged Key. Once you're inside, take the elevator down and walk to the end of the corridor, where you'll find Angie holding a flask. Interact with the flask and the lights will blink off, Angie will disappear, and the doll will appear, allowing you to start the puzzle.

Examine the doll carefully, beginning with its right arm. Interact with it and use A and D to pop out the wooden insert in its shoulder. This will reveal the Silver Key. Move next to the doll's forearm, bending it up and twisting to reveal a silver disk with three closed eyes on it. Put that on the table.

Inspect the doll's left hand to find the Blood Covered Ring, then its left leg — specifically the joint by its knee — to grab the Winding Key. Then you'll be able to inspect the mannequin's left eye and see a crow inside a triangle drawn on it.

Head to the door on the left side of the room and use the Silver Key, then go clean the Blood Covered Ring in the sink to reveal it is actually a Wedding Ring. Check out the ring in your key items tab and you should see a date engraved inside. That date also serves as the code for the locked door: 052911.

Next up is the music box puzzle. Walk down the corridor and then turn into the white door when it opens on the left. Interact with the music box to find it's broken, then attach the Winding Key to open it. Line up the scratches in the metal section to play the music box and unlock a pair of tweezers.

Head back to the doll and examine its mouth. Using the tweezers, pull out a bit of film from the doll's mouth. Go back to the elevator to discover it's locked because of the power outage, and head through the white door next to it to get into the Study.

Now comes the film puzzle. On the desk in the Study you should find a piece of paper with four pieces of film clipped to it. You should already have the missing bit of film, so now you just need to put the pieces in order:

  1. Monkey cuddly toy
  2. Village fairy tale book
  3. Rose
  4. Music box
  5. Wedding ring

This will trigger the projector to play a short movie with a well with a ladder and a crib. When it ends, the screen will drop away and a bookcase will move to reveal a doorway. Walk in there to find the Scissors on your left. Crouch down and use the scissors to cut through the bandages that block the path. Head through and answer the phone.

Walk down the hallway and find a door on your left. On the window you'll see a brass statue of a woman cradling a baby, but the baby is missing. Keep walking until you find a white door you can unlock, opening a shortcut to the Silver Key room.

Use the scissors to cut the bandages on the mannequin's stomach, then move the wooden block inside to gain the Brass Medallion.

Next up is the Symbols door. Place the brass medallion in the top right slot, set the left symbol to be a crow that matches the mannequin's eye, and set the bottom symbol to match the three closed eyes from the mannequin's arm.

Walk down the stairs and climb down the ladder you find to get the Breaker Box Key. Head back to the mannequin room and find the doll missing. Walk to the end of the dark corridor — avoiding whatever's menacing you nearby — and use the breaker box key to open the box and find the Relief of a Child.

Take the Relief to the door with the woman on it. To do that, leave the elevator, walk through the white door and then take the shortcut by the bookcase. Place the Relief of a Child in the woman's arm. This will open the door, allowing you entry into a hallway that leads first to a kitchen area and then to a bedroom. The Fuse is in a grey box on the wall.

Return to the elevator, replace the fuse in the box, then you'll be able to take the elevator up to the main part of the house.