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Resident Evil Village Piano Solution

Resident Evil's Lady Dimitrescu
Resident Evil's Lady Dimitrescu / Photo by Capcom

How to find the Resident Evil Village piano puzzle solution.

As it’s customary in the Resident Evil franchise, players have encountered one of many puzzles littered throughout the game. Players who’ve been wandering around Castle Dimitrescu have perhaps come across a piano. The piano with sheet music resting on top can be interacted with prompting a puzzle.

The puzzle only takes a short amount of time to complete and rewards players with a special item.

Resident Evil Village Piano Puzzle Solution

The piano can be found in the Opera Hall inside Dimitrescu Castle on floor 1F. Players who are struggling to find this area can just head out to the Courtyard and walk up the stairs to the left side to get there.

To solve the puzzle players have to press the correct keys according to the sheet of music above. An orange dot appears on the sheet music when a piano key is pressed, highlighting which note is being played. 

Keys towards the left-hand side of the piano are lower while the right-hand side has higher. All players have to do is match the orange dots to the music notes.

 Resident Evil Village piano puzzle solution
Piano puzzle in Castle Dimitrescu / Photo by Capcom

Here are the keys needed to play to match the sheet music:

  1. Key 15
  2. Key 12
  3. Key 14
  4. Key 14
  5. Key 16
  6. Key 15
  7. Key 16
  8. Key 17
  9. Key 17

Once that’s done, players can collect an Iron Insignia Key, an item needed to progress further into the game.