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Resident Evil Village WCX vs. Dragoon: Which is Better?

Resident Evil Village has been out for nearly a week now, and players are wondering what the best guns you can obtain are. WCX and Dragoon are two assault rifles that stand in contention, but which gun is better?

Resident Evil Village WCX vs. Dragoon: Which is Better?

Completing the game once on any difficulty unlocks the Extra Content Shop, accessible in the Bonuses at the main menu.

The WCX and Dragoon can be purchased from the Extra Content shop, both for 30,000 Challenge Points. Both assault rifles have key differences that determine which of the two comes out on top.

Resident Evil Village WCX stats
WCX Stats / Curtesy of
Resident Evil Village Dragoon stats
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While the Dragoon may seem more impressive on face value, sporting a higher base power and ammo capacity, the WCX comes out on top as the game progresses.

The Dragoon cannot be upgraded, while the WCX can, with the ammo capacity for the WCX scaling from 20>30>40>50>60>80, levels 1 through 6 respectively. Furthermore, the WCX out-scales The Dragoon in power: 250>270>290>310>340>370, levels 1 through 6 respectively.

Greater level 1 base stats from the Dragoon may make it more appealing to start, but the investment into the WCX will be well worth it for the greater challenges down the road.