Resistance Jayce Skin: Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

Resistance Jayce is one of three new additions to the skin line.
Resistance Jayce is one of three new additions to the skin line. / Photo by Riot Games

The Resistance Jayce skin is one of three Resistance skins Riot Games revealed in October. Here's everything you need to know about Jayce's appearance in the Resistance line.

Resistance Jayce Skin

Resistance skins occupy the same alternate universe as Battlecast skins. Where the Battlecast skins are mechanical versions of League of Legends champions constructed by Viktor to eradicate life, Resistance skins represent those who fight against the robot army. Illaoi and Caitlyn were the only members of the Resistance until Riot Games revealed Jayce, Yorick and Singed had joined up.

Resistance Jayce Splash Art

Resistance Jayce's splash art.
Resistance Jayce's splash art. / Photo by Riot Games

Resistance Jayce's splash art shows him wearing a long coat over metallic army. He holds a piece of an enemy machine in his right hand, and has a single red eye.

Resistance Jayce Price

Riot Games has yet to announce a price for Resistance Jayce.

Resistance Jayce Release Date

Resistance Jayce will likely hit live servers in Patch 10.23, scheduled for release Nov. 11. Riot Games hasn't revealed an exact date.

How to Get Resistance Jayce

To get Resistance Jayce, players will have to log into the Public Beta Environment. The skin has yet to hit live servers.