Resistance Yorick Skin: Splash Art, Price, Release Date, How to Get

Resistance Yorick hit the PBE in October.
Resistance Yorick hit the PBE in October. / Photo by Riot Games

The Resistance Yorick skin was revealed Tuesday, Oct. 27, as one of three new additions to the sparsely populated Resistance skin line. Here's everything you need to know about it.

Resistance Yorick Skin

Resistance Yorick transports Yorick into the Battlecast alternate universe. In this world, Yorick has amassed an army of machine versions of many League of Legends champions. The Resistance skins fight against his efforts to eradicate all human life.

Resistance Yorick Splash Art

Resistance Yorick's splash art.
Resistance Yorick's splash art. / Photo by Riot Games

Resistance Yorick's splash art shows his standard cowl replaced with red tubes that resemble dreadlocks. These tubes fall on the sides of his face and run down his back, plugging into a device he carries there. One of his arms has been replaced with a robotic prosthetic.

Resistance Yorick Price

Riot Games has yet to announce a price for Resistance Yorick.

Resistance Yorick Release Date

Resistance Yorick will likely reach live servers in League of Legends Patch 10.23, but Riot Games hasn't announced a scheduled release date.

How to Get Resistance Yorick

Players will be able to acquire Resistance Yorick through the in-game shop once Riot Games releases the skin. For now, it's available only on the Public Beta Environment.