Respawn Apparently Leaked a New Apex Legends Weapon on Accident

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment announced quite a bit on Thursday for Apex Legends. Starting on Sept. 14, a new Rampart-themed event will start called Evolution.

As usual, the Legend in question has a new location on the map themed around her. Ramya "Rampart" Parekh is opening a shop in a corner of World's Edge. It's a modified station she's named "Big Maude." Along with her own unique home base just outside Lava City, the Apex Games' favorite engineer is bringing a collection of legendary skins for her allies, showing off her own heirloom, and putting her own spin on the new Arenas game mode.

But fans found something they weren't supposed to in the new announcement.

In the patch notes of the new event, players found a strange sight. A newly named weapon with a placeholder weapon. The Nemesis Burst AR is the only information we know of the new weapon. We have no idea if it's light, energy, or heavy based. However, in the image, it does have an energy mag, so that could be a hint or another placeholder. Based on the burst, the weapon is going to work much like the Hemlok with a three-round shot.

A Respawn Entertainment developer was quick to point out the mistake.

Rigney states the weapon is "not actually ready for release any time soon." I wouldn't expect this weapon until the next season or the one after that.