Apex Legends

Respawn Aware of How to Balance the C.A.R SMG 'When the Time Comes'

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

It's no secret the C.A.R SMG has become the best SMG in the game, and one of the best choices to have in every phase. And based on a comment by Live Balance Designer John ‘JayBiebs’ Larson, Respawn Entertainment is aware of it as well. Just take a look at our weapon tier list, and you'll see how dominant the C.A.R is in the current meta.

During "Weapon Wednesday" on Reddit, players discussed the power of the C.A.R SMG and whether Respawn had any plans at nerfing its potential rise to the top. Larson had a rather surprising answer.

Respawn leans toward making a new addition stronger rather than weaker, giving fans something fun to experience. That of course causes things to be overbalanced at times, but that wasn't the case at the start. When the C.A.R first released, only a spare few players were using it, mostly at the top. It took a while before the vast majority of the player base understood its prowess. Now that's the case, Respawn has a better understanding of what makes the C.A.R so powerful and knows how to nerf it.

But based on the usage of the phrase "when the time comes," it doesn't seem like the weapon will be nerfed soon. It may have to wait until another season. It's clear Respawn has done a better job on balancing Legends with multiple viable Legends toward the top, but weapons are pretty cut and dry.