Apex Legends

Respawn Bans Users Caught DDoSing Apex Lobby

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment has had enough of cheaters DDoSing Apex Legends lobbies to get easy wins and eliminations. Their lead of security has announced that they have started to hand out bans for those caught cheating.

In recent weeks, there has been a wave of users on Apex cheating and getting easy wins and eliminations on the game. What they do is DDoS the lobby, so everybody but them lags out of the game. If they don’t do it in the lobby, they tend to do it when they are under attack. When they do this, they automatically win the game and rack up way too many kills.

Lead security of Apex Connor Ford, or RSPN_Hideouts on Twitter noticed somebody had 51 eliminations in back-to-back games and banned them for cheating.

So far, they have banned around a thousand users for cheating, and the list will probably continue to grow. Hopefully, players stop using the DDoS cheat and just get their kills fair and square.