Apex Legends

Respawn Considering Crypto Rework as Play Rates Decline

Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.

With the upcoming Season 9, there has been a lot of speculation just as to which Legends will be getting reworked in the Apex Legends universe.

A name that has cropped up is Crpyto, the Surveillance Expert legend whose play rate has been steadily sinking throughout Season 8. Respawn Entertainment has admitted that it's monitoring the Legend to see if he needs reworking to try to increase his play rate.

This is apparently not a new problem, as Crypto's play rate has been slowly decreasing since his release in Season 3. Respawn is most concerned with an apparent separation between the Legend's play style and the gaming community.

"Crypto's got a really low pick rate in Season 8, but a healthy win rate," John Larson, a live balance designer for the battle royale, explained on the "Bird's Eye" podcast. He said that Crypto mains "love the character," but other players pass over the Legend because his main ability "isn't streamlined." So, despite a healthy and consistent win rate, Crypto's play rate has steadily decreased.

Although it appears some changes are in the works, it does not seem like Respawn is aiming to completely overhaul the Legend. Unfortunately, when such changes could happen has not yet been said, and the upcoming Season 9 seems a little bit too close to rush through any updates they want to give Crypto. It remains a possibility, but more likely those changes will arrive somewhere further down the line.