Apex Legends

Respawn Deploys New Hotfix in Apex, Fixes Seer Game Crashes

Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment has rolled out a new hotfix for Apex Legends, fixing a number of pesky bugs that have been ruining matches.

Apex players have been dealing with a lot lately. With new season Hunted having launched a few weeks ago, the game has been riddled with bugs. Despite Respawn's best efforts, new bugs just keep showing up. Players have had to contend with voice lines stacking over each other, game crashes from certain abilities and more.

Fortunately, Respawn have issued a small patch to wipe away the majority of these issues.

Apex Legends Sept. 6 Patch Detailed

Respawn posted to Twitter all of the fixes that went live as part of this latest update, which include:

  • Game crashing after Seer's heartbeat detects Mirage decoy
  • Death Totem not working on Dropoff in Arenas
  • Vantage voice lines stacking up in certain gameplay instances
  • Negative challenge values in match summary

While this hotfix might not solve all of the issues currently doing the rounds in Apex Legends, it should help keep the game feeling a bit more stable for the time being.