Apex Legends

Respawn Designed Storm Point to Help With Third Party Encounters

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment made their fourth map the largest of the bunch citing a few design philosophies. In a preview interview with MetroGameCentral, multiple Respawn Entertainment developers explained their decision-making.

While one talked about Titans in Apex Legends, level designer Rodney Reece focused on Storm Point. When asked about the rather large size, Reece shared why Respawn went that route.

"The main driving force was to address some of the negative things, which is, number one – bad third party encounters and certain times to engagement, which is what we call ‘time to kill’. We have an incredible analytics team that, once we had three maps, we could really just look at what that was. What we noticed was that World’s Edge was a little bit higher."

"And when you have a little bit longer for ‘time to kill’, it allows more interesting engagement between your squad-mates. It allows for Legend abilities to become more of a factor, as well as repositioning. It’s just kind of a more rich gameplay experience. So giving a little more space to do that, encourages that primarily. That’s also why certain things where for the clarity of what we call frontlines, where you can have these things… the spacing between the water is very much a gameplay element where, ‘Okay, this is a little bit of empty space, what are you going to use with your Octanes, with your Pathfinders, with your Caustics? These all are factors in terms of how you have interesting engagements."

It's also worth noting in a different interview a Respawn developer talked about wanting to have a map that could evolve and change with the times, and Storm Point is now that map. It's large enough to make significant changes without having to make a brand new map.