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Respawn Dev Calls Out Apex Legends Player Who Asserts Wrongful Ban

It's not everyday you see a dev callout BS from a ticked off player
It's not everyday you see a dev callout BS from a ticked off player / Respawn Entertainment

Ban appeals are an important system that can bring back players who were wrongfully punished, or allow those overseeing the appeals to give a second chance to a player believed to be reformed.

A disgruntled Apex Legends player went to r/ApexLegends to voice his concern over being wrongfully banned for typing out "our boy Gibby is gay."

The Reddit thread gained a great bit of momentum, garnering just over 23,000 upvotes, as well as over 80 awards in total. From the information the original poster provided, many of the comments sided with OP and shared their frustration on a seemingly unjustified ban.

The Redditor did leave out a crucial piece of information regarding his comment on Gibby, however. Respawn Entertainment Director of Communications Ryan K. Rigley pointed out the key detail the disgruntled player didn't reveal: “That’s one of the messages I was shown,” Rigley explained, “You’re still leaving out another though that got a strike on your account on March 31st. Hint: it includes a word that starts with the letter N.”

Rigley's comments got a laugh out of a lot of members of the Apex community, who are also glad to see a developer on top of things in regards to banning and transparency.