Apex Legends

Respawn Dev Confirms Fix Coming to Annoying Gold Shield Swap

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Respawn developer Ryan Rigney confirmed a fix to the gold body armor is coming next update. It's one of the most annoying things to face in late-game scenarios. Armor swapping is a key skill when it comes to firefights and when you have some of the best armor in the game, it can be annoying to have to hold your swap for gold armor.

The game mechanics force you to hold the armor swap if the armor has less health than the one you hold. It's actually a good system as it tells players it's a bad idea to swap to this armor. But for whatever reason, the gold armor would always make you hold it if you have red armor, even if it was full.

That will not be the case any longer. Rigney got specific, "The specific patch notes line is "Swapping from Red to a Gold Shield with more health no longer requires a long press." Apex Legends should be ecstatic about the news.

Respawn is going hard at different systems in the game including aim assist. Apex Legends could look a lot different in a few months, and hopefully, for the better.