Apex Legends

Respawn Dev is Looking Into Broken Punches in Apex Legends

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

A Respawn developer responded to a rather popular tweet showcasing the ridiculous nature of melee attacks in Apex Legends. While melee has been a point of contention in almost every multiplayer, Apex Legends seemed to have an okay solution. Melee wasn't too powerful like other shooters, but it does knock back the enemy player a fair bit, giving a chance to pull out your secondary weapon.

But as time has gone on, players have been able to harness the the knock-back potential. Instead of a creative addition, players can be stuck in a continuous motion backward. Just watch this clip.

It's actually hilarious to watch and probably frustrating to experience. As Valkyrie is being battered by Wraith, she uses her jetpack to fly away, but even that doesn't help as Wraith lunges one final time in the air, landing a kick and finishing off Valkyrie. That's when Josh Medina replied, "Reminds me of commando and Tac Knife lol I’ll see if anyone has looked into this."

It's probably less about the overall experience of melee attacks and more about this specific situation where Wraith was able to lock on with her melee.