Apex Legends

Respawn Dev Loves Fan's Idea of a Arena Buff

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment developer Daniel Klein was pretty positive about a fan's idea of a buff in the Arena. While some Legends thrive in the combat-heavy Arena, other Legends' kits are pretty useless. That's where Reddit user u/kdwardse's idea has some merit.

This is all about the recon passive, "As we all know, the recon passive is currently useless in Arenas. Why not have teams with these characters see the current and next ring as if a survey beacon has been scanned? A small buff that could help with positioning."

Klein definitely liked the pitch, "This is a cool idea! I'll bring it up to the Arenas team and see what they think. Also kudos for a super clean presentation of a pitch!" Respawn seems more than willing to keep working on Arenas as it was only just released this season. It still needs some polish and maybe this will work well for certain Legends that don't work well in a normal 3v3 situation.

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