Apex Legends

Respawn Dev Replies to Question About Apex Legends Monetization

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends has an in-game store, and loot boxes much like other battle royales or free-to-play games. And that's the catch, the game is initially free. For those types of games, the developers have to create some type of monetization if they aren't going to sell the actual game.

In a response to a question about pricing and distribution of in-game items, Ryan Rigney gave a rather straightforward answer.

“I’ll say that different genres have different expectations and monetization teams on every game are trying to strike a balance between making the business a healthy profit and not making items unattainable for non-spenders or low-spenders.”

The reality is the game needs to make a profit, and in-game cosmetics are your main source outside of the battle pass. For most players not wanting to spend a dime, they don't have to. You can play Apex Legend without spending a single dollar and still enjoy the game to the fullest. But for others, they will always see the store with shiny skins and cosmetics and complain that they're too expensive.

Any game developer will tell you that you can't please everyone and the same goes for an in-game store. Most are happy with a free game.