Apex Legends

Respawn Developer Shares Why Apex Legends Players Don't Start With a Weapon

Apex Legends works much like other battle royales where players start with nothing but their fists. Players have to scramble around the map, looking for weapons and resources before your opponents do. It can be rather frustrating yet thrilling to start every match in a mad dash. But others would rather have an even playing ground, where it's not about who runs into weapons first.

That's where Respawn developer John Larson shared Respawn's philosophy on the matter.

One of the main issues they have with players starting with any sort of weapon is it leads to teaming up against solo players. Respawn believes if people have to look for weapons first, it gives players an equal amount of time to fight back. That logic is flawed, however.

Teaming up on solo players is still a thing and the rush for weapons doesn't change anything. Most groups will simply try to melee a player to death even in the face of oncoming bullets. So the problem still remains the same. Players learn rather quickly that you need to land with your team if you want to survive.

Starting with a weapon would fix the problem of checking multiple rooms and loot crates only to find zero weapons. There is nothing more frustrating than to run around and find nothing, then end up getting killed by a group of enemy players. Starting with a weapon would at least give you something to defend yourself with.