Respawn Doubles Down on Commitment Against Apex Legends Cheaters

Apex Legends: Respawn Cracks Down on Cheaters
Apex Legends: Respawn Cracks Down on Cheaters / Photo courtesy of Respawn

Respawn announced its plans to deal with cheaters in Apex Legends. The game studio released a tweet that outlines several ways to prevent cheating from the battle royale game.

Similar to various online games, Apex Legends has struggled with cheaters in the past. This issue led to complaints about certain players breaking the rules, but fortunately, Respawn released three methods for stopping these unfair practices.

Respawn aims to hire more employees that can release manual bans on certain accounts, as well as create additional tools that can automatically detect and block DDoS attacks.

Respawn also stated that it plans to look into more methods for finding and removing cheaters from the game.

DDoS attacks are a common problem in the game, and they are designed to cut off a user's internet connection, forcing the player to drop out of the match. Players who drop out of the matches also miss out on progress and prizes.

Respawn is also currently seeking to hire a Game Security Analyst, which will look into reported cheaters and additional poor behavior that impacts the matches of the game. This role will also keep track of recorded cheating trends, utilizing Electronic Arts' resources for this investigation.