Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment Confirms Work on New IP

Concept art from Jedi: Fallen Order.
Concept art from Jedi: Fallen Order. / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment, the studio responsible for Apex Legends and Jedi: Fallen Order, has confirmed it's working on a new intellectual property for its next game with a new job posting.

Respawn says it's looking for a "Software Engineer to join a compact incubation team currently developing a brand new IP." Details on the IP are scant — likely because its development is still in such early stages.

Respawn programmer Stevn Kah Hien Wong tweeted that the team currently stands at five employees, with the posting seeking a sixth to join the team. The listing also mentions a "hard-zero policy against crunch and overtime."

Previous job postings had said only that the small incubation team was working on technologies "to enable adventuring forever." That language also appears in the new posting. Although it's possible it indicates another games-as-service title in Respawn's future, it's hard to imagine a single development company juggling two games on that scale simultaneously.

Respawn has previously hinted it might work on expanding Apex Legends beyond the battle royale realm, and that it might return to the Titanfall series in the future. Electronic Arts has also suggested a Fallen Order follow-up could be in the cards based on the game's success as a new IP.