Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment Has Buffs Planned for Fuse

The Apex Legends Reddit page reveals plans for Fuse, Rampart and other Legends.
The Apex Legends Reddit page reveals plans for Fuse, Rampart and other Legends. | Courtesy of Respawn.

A developer working on Apex Legends has revealed they "have some plans" for Fuse, although nothing solid has been agreed upon. Daniel Klein, a senior game developer at Respawn, has attributed the character as having a low win-rate and therefore needing some changes.

"Rampart's the second-lowest in our win rate data across all skill buckets. The only one below her is Fuse." He said in a Reddit forum, where he goes on to state, "We have some plans for him, but nothing's 100% yet. But yeah, he didn't come in super strong as we wanted."

While nothing is set in stone as of yet, it is worthy to note that the low win rate data could also be attributed to a rise in pick rates. In the same Reddit forum, the developers did discuss one case in which this was not the result: Caustic. With Caustic, despite an increase in pick rate, there was not a huge drop in win rate, Klein going further by explaining that they do not expect new players to be good at playing the character.

Another Legend the developers seem to be having plans for is Rampart, though similar to fuse, there is nothing concrete yet. On Rampart, Klein says, "We've got some spicy plans that are too early to talk about yet, but rest assured we're going to do something for her. Might be a while--earliest it COULD happen right now is halfway through Season 10."

So while the developers seem to have a lot on their plate, with upcoming changes to legends, players can voice their opinions on what should be done on the Apex Legends Reddit forum in which other Respawn developers like "RobotHavGunz" and "RV Devan" are replying to any comments regarding the game.