Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment is Working on a Wattson Change

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment is working on a Wattson change according to John ‘JayBiebs’ Larson in an interview. The rather informative video has given fans plenty to look forward to including a Bloodhound nerf, and a Crypto makeover.

The problem is that Wattson has a difficult history when it comes to balancing. Daniel Klein has been battling with the Apex Legends community for quite some time about Wattson's power level. While fans have been clamoring for some type of buff, the data apparently shows she has one of the best win rates in the game.

That's why Larson's interview gave some good insight on the problem, "I think, and we can talk about this, low-profile removal, that’s the single biggest thing for a character. That’s massive. In Arenas [and] BR, Lifeline and Wattson are at the top just because of high values. So we beefed out Lifeline a bit, make her hitbox match a bit better, and Wattson, when we make these changes, will inevitably, for the health of the game, most likely a hitbox change will accompany that," explained Larson. "We wouldn’t be so cheeky if we didn’t have changes in the works. Right now we’re trying to work on the fun factor for her. There’s a lot of usability there that we can change, a lot of changes with the ultimate. We are working on it.”

Increasing the hitbox like Lifeline could help significantly in fire fights while giving some buffs to her kit, would keep the community happy.