Respawn Entertainment Look to Change Relationship with Apex Community

Apex Legends Devs Look To Change Relationship with Their Community
Apex Legends Devs Look To Change Relationship with Their Community | Photo Courtesy of Respawn

The developers of Apex Legends are looking to strengthen the bond between their community and themselves. Ryan Rigney, Director of Comms for Respawn, said in a Reddit post that, "We're hoping to help break the stalemate with things like seasonal AMAs, more regular messaging on our owned channels (like new content types on, and with more direct support for brave soldiers like Daniel Z. Klein who like to wade out amongst the people. That stuff matters, and it'll be worth doing."

The "stalemate" Rigney is referring to is the relationship between game developers and their communities. Rigney said, "It feels like there's a stalemate between devs and the people that play their games. I don't just mean here, but everywhere." Rigney goes on to talk about how fans get easily angered by some decisions by developers. Then when developers try to explain their case, the developer who goes out on a limb to talk to the community is essentially thrown to the wolves.

Daniel Z. Klein is a Senior Game Designer for Respawn. Klein has consistently taken to Reddit to answer any questions the community has about the game and is no stranger to harsh comments from fans. When asked about how the criticism on Reddit, Klein responded, "It's absolutely fair to discuss and criticize and call out our actions. It is not ever acceptable to deliver this feedback in the form of personal insults and threats, and there should be no expectation that people will show up personally here to be yelled at."

These "Ask Me Anything" session and the ability to message on the Respawn channel are just a few of the steps being taken to try and break the stalemate between fans and developers.