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Respawn Entertainment Plans for More Horizon Nerfs

The majority of the community feels that Horizon's Gravity Lift is what needs to change
The majority of the community feels that Horizon's Gravity Lift is what needs to change / Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment | Electronic Arts

More Horizon nerfs are coming to Apex Legends. In addition to the changes being made to Horizon with the upcoming Chaos Theory Collection Event, Respawn confirmed that more work needs to be done to Horizon. The upcoming update increases her Black Hole ultimate ability cooldown time from two minutes to three.

More Horizon Nerfs

Understanding that the community is not fully satisfied with the update to Horizon at this time, Respawn responded in a comment thread on Reddit explaining why the Black Hole update was the only update made to Horizon so far. "We just didn't have the time to do what we need to do to her tactical," said game developer Daniel Klein.

He continued, "[In my opinion] the problem is you can jump in, take a full bat, and strafe while doing so making you almost impossible to punish. That'll change, but the proper way to do that takes a little time." The strongest part of Horizon's kit is her Gravity Lift, the tactical ability that allows her to gain a height advantage over her opponents with ease.

The Gravitation Manipulator's tactical ability is without a doubt the reason why she's quickly become a fan favorite since her release in Season 7, as well as an S-Tier Legend, but it's likely we will not see a major change to her kit for some time. "Game dev is slow," said Klein.

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Respawn has faced criticism in the past for rushed nerfs and buffs to various Legends, and it seems that the recent changes to Apex are an attempt to make more Legends viable in the competitive scene.