Respawn Entertainment Reveals Loot Rooms for Apex Legends Season 3

Respawn Entertainment has slowly been unveiling new content for Apex Legends Season 3 and that includes the introduction of loot rooms.

Instead of another type of hot drop drawing in players, the room will have a specific system to unlock it, making it an even more dangerous gamble.

The rooms don't have an official name as of yet, and the community can only verify from the trailer on how they will work. It seems players will need to destroy a glowing cube that will be carried around by a drone in the World's Edge area. If you destroy the cube, it should have a key card, though it's not known if it will be a 100% drop rate. Use that key card to unlock the loot room.

But beware, prepare for most of the lobby to land here with you trying to grab the best loot in the game. This should shake up the meta drastically. Expect some teams to stay far away looking to loot other areas of the map.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment