Respawn Entertainment Say Potential Nerf for Bloodhound is in the Works

Bloodhound is a pretty consistent main.
Bloodhound is a pretty consistent main. / Courtesy of Respawn Entertainment.

Bloodhound is a pretty consistent main. And even if you don't particularly play as Bloodhound, chances are you've teamed up with others that do.

Respawn Entertainment is said to be keeping an eye on the tracker ahead of Season 9, so nerfs may be in their future.

For Season 6, Bloodhound received new buffs, including a shorter Eye of the Allfather cooldown period. These buffs rocketed Bloodhound up in popularity. It is this popularity however that has developers like John Larson wondering if the character is in need of potential nerfs for season 9.

In a thread on Reddit, John Larson, aka JayBiebs, and several other developers took to answering gamers' questions about Apex Legends. One such question leads to Larson admitting that:

"Yeah, I've been keeping an eye on Bloodhound. Seems rare to come across a squad without one in my experiences in ranked, and they have the third-highest pick rate at the moment."

One of the big changes Respawn could make is assists from scans. The ability to down opponents by scanning them means that Bloodhound mains can even avoid losing too much RP in-game. However, this also seems to be Respawn's first port-of-call in the hopes that it will lower Bloodhound's play rate enough before looking anywhere else.

While Bloodhound may certainly be getting a nerf in time for the upcoming season 9 of Apex Legends, what that may be exactly is still up in the air.