Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment Teases Return of Skull Town

Photo courtesy Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment teased the return of Skull Town for Apex Legends.

The return of Kings Canyon’s Skull Town could be seen on arenas, the new game mode that focuses on 3v3 battles. Since its removal in Season 5 of when the specific zone sunk into the sea, this is the first teaser the community has gotten of a potential return.

Ryan K. Rigney, director of community and communications, sent out a tweet teasing a return of Skull Town. With the original portion of the map in the sea, there is no way for it to be placed back into King's Canyon. Fans online have been asking for the return of Skull Town and with the new arena mode that includes weekly rotating maps.

The easiest way for Respawn to bring Skull Town back would be to add a new 3v3 map set in the desolate town. This would be the most unique map to date for the new game mode which is usually set in more wide-open spaces. Having a tight cornered 3v3 map spread out amongst multiple buildings would bring a nice change of pace.

So far, Respawn has only released this tweet and no official announcement has been made.