Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment Temporarily Removed Crafting from Apex Legends to Address Exploit

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Earlier today Respawn Entertainment removed all crafting from Apex Legends to address a server crashing exploit. Respawn got news of a new exploit that allowed people to crash the entire server. These players were able to use crafting stations to immediately shut down game sessions.

In an attempt to stop this, the game has removed all crafting including replicators until they have the problem solved.

Respawn had no choice but to immediately address the issue because gamers were becoming frustrated with being kicked out of their games and sent back to the lobby. Players were also frustrated by losing Ranked Points since they were kicked out of the game and sent back to the lobby.

Respawn did the right thing by removing crafting from the game for the time being, but they need to hurry up and fix the problem. Hopefully they fix the bug soon so that we can get back to enjoying every feature of the game.