Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment Tested Out Vehicles on Other Apex Legends' Maps

Courtesy of Electronic Arts

With Season 7, came the introduction of vehicles to the Apex Legends universe. While not key to winning the Games, they certainly are a lot of fun either way.

When the Olympus map was launched, Respawn Entertainment came out the the Tridents. With this came a lot of excitement about introducing more vehicles keyed to different maps. There have been additions of other modes of transport in different battle royales, but nothing that seemed to stick until the hovercar, Tridents.

While vehicles don't appear to be in the games immediate future, Respawn Entertainment's design director, Jason McCord spoke with RockPaperShotgun before the launch of Season 8:

“The vehicles were tuned very specifically to Olympus, but we did test it on other maps just for fun to see what they were like,” McCord noted. “If we were to try and bring the Trident over we’d have to make a lot of adjustments to the other maps.”

“It’d be way in the future, but we’re all excited about the idea,” the Respawn design director added.

So while fans may have to wait a while longer, there does seem to be progress happening. No matter how slowly.