Respawn Entertainment to Adjust G7 Scout and Arc Star in Apex Legends

Respawn plans to rebalance the G7 Scout and Arc Star
Respawn plans to rebalance the G7 Scout and Arc Star | Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts

Respawn Entertainment will rebalance the G7 Scout sniper rifle and the Arc Star throwable in Apex Legends, according to senior systems designer Eric "Ghost" Hewitt.

A thread on Twitter started by @inhuman implored Respawn to prevent players from sticking Arc Stars to their teammates, who then run into enemies as player-seeking bombs. The teammate takes no damage from the Arc Star, while all the enemies face an impossibly accurate and deadly explosion.

Professional Apex Legends player Jonathon "Urban" Boland replied to the thread, asking for a nerf to the G7 Scout.

"The scout is currently broken having the DPS that rivals the top close range weapons while being incredibly consistent at ranges of even 500 meters for pros," he wrote. "It's too suppesive [sic] on rotates of any range while providing only a single counter which is 'Just don't peak [sic].'"

"[W]e're making adjustments," Hewitt replied Sunday, referring to the Arc Star tactic. "[A]lso making adjustments," he wrote in a second tweet referring to the G7 Scout.

Hewitt did not elaborate on the developer's plans for either case, and did not respond to a request for comment. When these adjustments arrive in-game similarly remains unknown.

Apex Legends kicked off its Grand Soirée event Tuesday, bringing balance adjustments and a deluge of new content.