Apex Legends

Respawn Fixes 'Unlimited Charge' and 'Unlimited Rev' for Sentinel and Rampage

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/EA

A small update for Apex Legends deployed Thursday has fixed a bug that allowed the Sentinel and Rampage to stay charged-up permanently.

Respawn fixes "Unlimited Charge" and "Unlimited Rev" for Sentinel and Rampage

Respawn Entertainment released their Apex Legends Raiders patch on Dec. 7, then followed it up with a minor update to fix bugs with the Sentinel and Rampage two days later.

Prior to the patch, players that charged up their Rampage with a thermite grenade experienced a bug where they were able to continuously use the weapon in the "Revved Up" stage. This gave a great advantage to players using the weapon.

Similarly, charged Sentinels with shield batteries experienced the same bug where players were stuck and could use the weapon in the "charged-up" state continuously.

The Rampage was already considered a very powerful weapon since its release in Season 10. A "Revved up" Rampage grants a 30% increase in fire rate, making it even more deadly. A "Charged up" Sentinel grants 25% increase in damage, similarly buffing the weapon significantly.

In addition to fixing the weapon charge bug, Respawn has fixed other server errors and issues with skins. Some players were incorrectly granted Wattson's heirloom, and players were also given new skins for an upcoming unreleased event, "Deep Depths." Both mistakes have been corrected.