Apex Legends

Respawn Introduces IMC Armories in Apex Legends Season 13

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment revealed IMC Armories for Apex Legends Season 13 on Monday, giving fans a glimpse at the new system. Described as "combat support structures," these buildings were buried underground until the latest creature attacked the island and the seismic threat caused them to emerge. Players will have the opportunity to explore them across the map of Storm Point choosing to take their high-risk-high-reward loot. When you approach the bunkers, the ramp will automatically allow entry, and inside you'll find valuable weapons and loot. Push a button and you'll have to survive 60 seconds of waves of Spectres.

If you are worried about third-partying, Respawn created a solution. When you activate the scenario, the doors lock and the ramp shuts down, protecting you from an outside threat. This should give players the chance to fight the Spectres without having to deal with enemy squads. The longer you survive, the better loot that drops including a new style of loot, called "smart loot." This loot will be catered to items missing from your loadouts like certain attachments and armor upgrades.

Once you finish the fight, you have multiple options to escape. If any enemy squads decided to camp your structure, you can simply fly out the top, repositioning yourself. Or you can leave the way you came or even take the top of the bunker as a high point if you like the spot.

Apex Legends: Saviors arrives May 10.