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Respawn Investigates Apex Legends Accounts Reset to Level 1

Obliterated Kings Canyon
Obliterated Kings Canyon | Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

Respawn is investigating an issue affecting Apex Legends players, where their accounts were reset to level 1. Some players who had changed their emails associated with their EA accounts had lost all cosmetics, stats, and level progression earlier this month.

Respawn Investigates Apex Legends Accounts Reset to Level 1

At this time, the issues for the accounts being reset do not appear to be fixed, but a fix for the PlayStation issue has been identified. Respawn has advised those players to play one match in order to see their issues resolved.

While they have explicitly expressed that the two issues are separate, it appears that no resolution has been established for the issues regarding EA emails changed. The best course of action at this time is to not change your email associated with your EA account.

Players continuing to be affected by the issue should follow the Respawn Twitter account for immediate updates. Unlike past bug-related issues, no retro action has been discussed for players by Respawn at this time.

Although this bug may slow things down a little, many changes are still on the way to Apex Legends for Season 9.