Apex Legends

Respawn is Willing to Nerf Revenant's Climb After Recent Buff

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment

With the release of the Genesis update, Respawn targeted multiple Legends with some changes including revenant who saw a sizeable buff to his climbing mechanic. While some saw hitboxes altered, Revenant's change was more about his mobility. In a highly mobile battle royale, being slow can mean death. Revenant is the only Legend who has an increased climbing radius. And now it's been amplified.

The question is was it too much?

Players in the comments started questioning whether the noise Revenant makes is loud enough especially compared to Octane or Horizon who make loud voice line queues when activating their mobility abilities. One Redditor pointed out, " Horizon has a loud noise as you step in it, Pathfinders zipline and grapple has a sound (though mid flight, no noise, but he only does it himself so it's not like you get Pathy ambushed by 3 people), and Valk goes FFSSHSHVHSHSSHS if she just fans her jetpack. Octanes pad only does noise if you doublejump or step on it. If you vault from a far, you can just appear on them."

That's where Respawn dev, Daniel Klein stepped in, "If his climb sound is too quiet, we'll absolutely increase the volume." Short and sweet. Respawn Entertainment is keeping a close eye on the new Revenant buff and if seems too powerful, they will start to nerf it.