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Respawn Makes Highly Requested Firing Range Change for Apex Legends Season 15

Season 15 Brings Highly Requested Firing Range Change to Apex
Season 15 Brings Highly Requested Firing Range Change to Apex / Respawn Entertainment

Respawn Entertainment is finally making a change to Apex Legends when Season 15 releases on Nov. 1, 2022.

Respawn Entertainment is making a big change with their firing range mode in Apex Legends. Players use the firing range to test out their favorite characters and help determine which characters to use in their rotation in the game. There has been one issue though that has bothered players in the past.

Up to this point, players have only been able to test a character in the firing range after buying them. With this new season that changes.

Respawn Entertainment is unlocking every legend to be used in the firing range in-game. Meaning, you no longer will have to wait to buy a character or unlock them in the battle pass before you can try them out in the firing range.

This is big for players trying to make a decision on landing the next big character in the shop. Players now have the ability to test things out before buying, almost as a sort of free trial. Season 15 of Apex Legends releases on Nov. 1, and you can check out the battle pass overview trailer below:

Other big updates are also coming with the latest Apex Legends patch. For starters, players will now be able to gift items and use stickers in the game. Additionally, some different fan-favorite weapons are getting adjusted to make the game more interesting.